Ira J. Kurzban, immigration lawyer and author of Kurzban's Immigration Sourcebook

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Brian explains the context in Haiti so that lawyers and judges understand claims of persecution, torture and other harm in the often complex circumstances in Haiti, through Expert Declarations and live and telephone testimony.


Brian has qualified as an expert in over 40 immigration and civil proceedings, on behalf of individuals, organizations and the U.S. government. He has briefed U.S., Canadian and UN immigration authorities, and members of the U.S. Congress and UK Parliament; prepared human rights reports for the UN and Inter-American Commission on Human Rights; and published extensively in academic and mainstream media.


Brian can quickly analyze claims to identify avenues to success and potential pitfalls. The additional documentation lawyers need is usually on Brian's hard drive; if not he can almost always point to the fastest way to find it.


Professional testimony and research on country conditions in Haiti for cases in the U.S. and Canada, based on 25 years' experience prosecuting and documenting human rights violations in Haiti.

Expert Specialty Areas Include: Human Rights, Political Violence, Elections, Gender-Based and LGBQT Violence and Discrimination, Police, Land Conflicts, Journalists, Kidnapping, Social Groups and Gangs


Unparalleled Experience

Brian started his Haiti work in 1995 as a UN Human Rights Observer. He lived in Haiti for the next eight years, co-managing the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux, which helped the Haitian government prosecute human rights cases.  He returned to the U.S. in 2004 to establish the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti, which he served as Executive Director for 15 years until 2019.

Brian is deeply familiar with the Haitian justice and law enforcement systems. He has collaborated with police, prosecutors and judges, and advised Presidents and Ministers of Justice. He has also prepared reports and pursued cases against officials who perpetrated human rights violations or failed to comply with their duty to protect citizens.

Brian speaks Haitian Creole and French fluently.

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"Brian is one of the best translators of the socio-political realities of Haiti to the United States and the international community. He possesses a deep understanding of the legal systems of both Haiti and the US, and is uniquely positioned to help US and international decision-makers carve out policy proposals that promote the basic human rights of the Haitian people.” Kysseline Jean-Mary Cherestal, Legal Advisor and Consultant

“Brian's 20 years' experience documenting gender-based violence and other human rights violations in Haiti provides an unusual breadth of expertise and credibility.”  Blaine Bookey, Co-Legal Director, Center for Gender and Refugee Studies

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“I can count on Brian to always present his vast knowledge of political persecution and other country conditions in Haiti in a professional, compelling manner." Thomas M. Griffin, Partner, Surin & Griffin PC , Philadelphia

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