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  • Brian Concannon

Offer of Pro-Bono Translation During COVID-19

I hope that everyone is staying safe!

I just received a message from Viking Merceron of Kiskeya Interpreting & Translation, who is offering free translation for Haitian immigration cases during the pandemic. I met Viking 2 years go when he served as translator in a case where I served as an expert, and he did a good job.

Here's the message:

<<In an effort to encourage social distancing to stop the spread of COVID-19 while staying on course with the help Haitian migrants desperately need, in my capacity as Chief Operating Officer of KISKEYA INTERPRETING AND TRANSLATION, I am offering our platform for Over-The-Phone Interpreting in order to communicate with clients free of charge during COVID-19 Pandemic.

If you think this might be of use to you, please kindly schedule an appointment and we'll have a Haitian Creole Interpreter on the other line ready to assist you. Register on our platform Contact us: Sincerely, Viking Merceron Chief Operating Officer KISKEYA INTERPRETING & TRANSLATION, LLC We Specialize in Haitian Creole P (678) 961-0448 E>>

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